Christian Online Mission... Healing The World With Love One Heart At A Time.

Christian Online Mission... Healing The World With Love One Heart At A Time.

The Power Of Prayer

The Power Of Prayer…

Prayer is a very important part of our lives, it is essential to our growth spiritually, if you are anything like me then you must currently be feeling like you are not praying enough because I know that’s how I’m feeling most of the time, there are days when I just feel like my prayer life lacks in so many ways, I often feel like I need to do more, but this is not a good feeling, it is really not how heavenly father thinks of it.

God wants you to develop a relationship with him, he wants you to know that you need him at every step of the way, it’s not always about wanting something from God, A lot of times we only pray when we need him to do something for us, even when we don’t need him to do something the minute we open our mouth to pray we want to ask for something, we keep asking for things and receiving, we treat God like he is some sort of bank where we have stuffs saved that we can only walk into when we need something.

The Power In Prayer

Take it on yourself as a human being, how do you feel when you have friends and family who only call on you or text you when they need a favor, Feel good??  Right, I thought so too!

You should be able to imagine how Heavenly Father must feel every time you only call on him for a favor, God wants to develop a certain level of intimacy with you, he doesn’t want you to only call or seek him when you need something he wants to be let into your life.

The beautiful thing about God is that he doesn’t impose himself on us, we have been given the freedom of choice! The freedom to chose if we let him in or not, he loves you and he hopes that you love him back but he never wants to force that love down your throat.

Prayer is key, there is power in prayer, it is in prayer that we connect to God and speak to him, it is through prayer that we stay in tune with the holy spirit, I can never over emphasize the importance of prayer, the peace, joy, strength and warmth that comes with it…

  “Devote Yourselves in Prayer, Be watchful and Thankful..    -Colossians 4:2

Go to God in prayer every time you feel like praying, just speak to him in your heart, you not have to wait until you are in the right praying position, knowing this was life changing for me, this is the secret to my prayer life, i pray every time, I am always in the mood of prayer, it doesn’t matter where I am or who I’m with in my heart I’m praying!

Now that’s what God wants, he doesn’t want it to be seasonal, every other thing in your life can be but never allow your prayers only be said at certain fixed times of the day, aim to pray uncountable times in every 24 hours, Put God before your self, never go before him.

I challenge you to try this for 2 weeks, every time you think about pray to him, every time you make a move ask him to be with you, He is God all by himself, he hears unspoken words, he answers unspoken prayers, he gives you and blesses you with that which you never even knew you needed, go on this two weeks challenge experience a tremendous change in your life totally.

If you ever try this do reach out to me and let me know how it goes for you, I’m happy to hear from you and talk to you more about this.




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