Christian Online Mission... Healing The World With Love One Heart At A Time.

Christian Online Mission... Healing The World With Love One Heart At A Time.

Stay motivated GRACE!

Hello Grace!

” Grace ” is name I have chosen to address every person reading this post..

I get asked a lot how is it that you have never lost that bright smile? How is it that no matter the situations and limitations you are surrounded by all the time you still feel like you can make a difference in the world? How is it that a nobody like you has such big dreams?… these and so many more have people asked me every time, I can almost tell from the way they look at me what they actually think and I always have one answer, same answer all the time “ GRACE”.

Grace is the reason why I never gave up, the reason I never saw myself as small when others looked at me like that, and the reason why I never gave up when all odds were against me, this is how I stayed motivated and never gave up all these years.

Stay Motivated Grace

Know who you are and know what you want…

Grace a lot of people would say your roots don’t matter, all that matters is where you are at the moment but I don’t agree with that, personally I think knowing who you and where you came from is key, it helps you make a stand of what you want out of life and how much you are willing to endure to get there, this has not just worked for me it has also worked for some people that I know too, so I consider it really important to come to terms with who you are so no one can ever put you down or shame you over it because the minute you do this you have taken that power away from anyone before they even try.


Every negative energy in you or surrounding you should be flushed out, you have to do this to be able to stay in a clean space in your mind because the truth is whether you stay motivated or not it’s all in your mind grace, this will not only help you always stay clean it will also make sure you don’t feel stuck and every energy you put out is productive even as little as a smile from you can make a difference somewhere or with someone.


I can never over emphasize the power of a prayer, it is free yet not everyone can afford it, it has been made available to all yet not everyone can harness its power, Grace always be in an attitude of prayer it will always feed your spirit, you can not function without it, where others couldn’t enter you will because of prayer,  because true motivation can only stay when its being fed, you should never stay hungry Endeavour to feed even when you don’t feel hungry because you do not know when you might need that strength, I pray not as much as I would like to thou , I fast every time I feel like I need to exercise and this has never failed me  over 2 decades of my existence, you don’t always have to be in a certain place or position to be able to pray, you can say a prayer when walking on the street or in the middle of a conversation, or inside a bus, God is every where and he hears you even when your lips don’t move.


Work, Work, Work …..


Grace you can never stop working to get to what you want, even when its hard  and it seems like it might be easier to just lay back and accept whatever comes your way you must always remember that you deserve better, you can have all you want as long as you are willing to work for it, don’t listen to anyone who says its greedy for you to have all you desire because that is a lie, its okay and you deserve it, you are the apple of God’s eyes, and because you are very precious to him he has made it all available within your reach now you just to work until you get there remember ‘consistency is key’. When the doors shut against you make sure to use the windows, don’t wait for opportunities create them just because you can do it!


Now do it for all those who said you couldn’t !

The saying ‘your haters are your biggest motivators’ is actually 100% correct, nothing can push you harder than wanting to prove them wrong, you must live to see your enemies fail, show them that they were wrong about you and that God’s plan for your life can never be erased or changed it can only be delayed thou, so every time you are tempted to settle for less remember these and stay motivated dear grace because the grace of God will always  be sufficient for you.

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