Value yourself at your true worth… no one will respect you unless you respect yourself, a lot of women would cry, pray and fast to God to send the right men but they often forget that to be able to attract the good men you have to create a good environment for them to want to come in, you cannot dress like a harlot or prostitute and expect to attract a man who has the fear of God, a few days ago a young muslim girl had written on instagram that “one day women in hijab would be more attractive than women in bikini” .. a true Christian will understand what this actually means but it was really depressing that over 80% of women who commented on that post did not understand and it makes me wonder.. What has the world become? What happened to our shame and dignity as women? Where are we really going with this fashion and trends thing? 20% said it was about religion that she was trying to say that Islam is better than every other religion, 15% said she was just being a hypocrite that women in hijab are more immoral than women in bikini, and the other 35% actually thinks bikini’s are more sexy than hijabs and they are the reason why I am writing this, if you are reading this right now and you belong to the group of women who think exposing your body and almost going naked in public makes you look sexy and attractive then this is for you, forget about what anyone has told you in the past that it doesn’t matter how you look, forget about your friends who have told you that to be chic you have to take pictures in bikini’s and post them on social media or that to be a slayer and look like you are really hot you have to wear outfits that expose parts of your body that should only be seen by your partner because all these are totally false, hunnie you can never go wrong with modesty and that is the truth, you attract what you look like, people will treat you according to the way you look, if you look like a whore no one wants to know if you are one or not they will treat you like one, if you dress responsibly and command respect with the way you look you will be treated responsibly and you will be respected.
For anything a man puts in so shall he get back that is the sweetest about life, the Bible says what you sow is what you reap..

if you sow decency you will get it back in 100 folds and you sow indecency you get back indecency, you can’t look trashy and expect to attract classy in return it just doesn’t work that way, you want to look sexy? Great! There are lots of ways to look sexy, hot and still classy there are a lot of models who have succeeded in their careers and still looked amazing at the same time, my girl Kristine from  is a great example of sexy and classy go look her up.
Your body is the temple of God..give it respect, do not treat it less than you would treat your heart take care of it and guard it from preying perverts , a virtuous woman is worth more than gold, she is a blessing to her tribe, the bible describes the beauty of a woman as “the light from the sacred lamp stand in the temple, and like its gold shaft set on its silver base are her shapely legs and strong ankles” if the Bible describes our body with so many beautiful words and even goes as far as likening it to gold with a silver base does that not tell you how much the Lord himself values your body, that makes you feel really good right? I know! Me too! That is why you must decide today that you deserve to be adorned in nicer clothes that make you really look as gracious as you are. if a dress is too short throw in some pants, if it’s a singlet thrown on a jacket, no crop tops without high waist pants or skirts (am not a big fan of them thou) please stop wearing jeans that are ripped so much that you almost look like a beggar (that is so not chic! ) there is no excuse for a woman who runs herself down know your value and never settle for less

Don’t forget to leave me your thoughts on this, i will love to hear from you. God Bless You.

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  1. Amen to this!!
    Everything society needs to hear!
    I look around and wonder why?! Why expose yourself that way?
    My beauty is in who I am, and anything I do to improve my looks is for ME!
    I praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made – I will treat it as so!
    Thank you for writing this!

    Xx Angela

    1. Thank you so much for Angela, a lot of women don’t think there is anything wrong in doing this but i want to try as much as i can to spread the word and let them know that we are all queens and should treat our selves as such. Please share this message so it reaches a queen who needs to hear this.
      God Bless you.

  2. I don’t see anything wrong with showing a bit of skin, after all, no one labels a man a whore for working topless on a sunny day, but a lady in shorts and strappy top? I get where you’re coming from though, people make snapshot decisions based on what someone is wearing, it still is a common belief that showing a lot of skin is in some way inviting male attention when surely the only person who is wrong in that scenario is a man who feels he cannot control his gaze. I also agree that you can 100% ooze sexuality and not reveal yourself at all, everyone is different I like to think I lie somewhere in the middle. 😀 xx

    Sophia x

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