Fornication and Law of Chastity



Hey love!

As you already know this is where we will talk about all the things we never get to discuss with our Pastors, Ministers and more, this post is about one of the greatest sins which our generation has tagged as a norm , I know  you must be wondering why of all things she could have written about first she had to chose fornication, yes I did! Hahah , I write as the spirit leads and the spirit has directed me to make this my first blog post.

Fornication especially among our youths have become something almost everyone does without even realizing the weight of the act they are engaging in, just before you start thinking that I am claiming to be perfect I am not a virgin, even thou sex the first few times for me didn’t happen voluntarily (entirely topic for another day) I have made choices to have sex and not to and I can genuinely tell you in all honesty that not being sexually active is one of the best things I have ever done for my self, the spiritual strength I have gotten from just being chaste is gracious!

It is easy for single adults to take off their clothes and have sex randomly not knowing that sex it self is an oath which was only meant to be shared between two married people , when two people have sex they are not just playing with their bodies and deriving pleasure , they are doing so much more than that, they are abusing something which was meant to be spiritual , they are making their bodies unclean and disconnecting themselves from the holy spirit, they are basically getting less and losing more, and this is not God’s plan.

Heavenly Father’s plan is for to live a great fulfilling and happy life, for you to succeed in all that you do, he knows what’s best for you and because you are very special to him he has promised to lead you in the right path if only you let him in.

I get asked a lot if it is possible to build a strong relationship while dating without having sex, and i am going to give the same answer today ” YES! it is 100% possible, how? because LOVE and SEX are two different things.

You don’t have to have sex to prove your love, you can have a totally healthy relationship without sex, trust me sex clouds your judgment, it makes you spiritually attached to that person that you no longer see the things you are supposed to see, a lot of marriages end today because it was built on the wrong foundation at the initial stage of dating/courting , you go into that marriage and you are wondering why didn’t i see these signs before ? breaking news honey, you were busy getting some action!

1 Corinthians 6 vs 13 says “your body is not for fornication but for the Lord and the Lord for your body”

believe it or not this is the cause of most of the problems we have in the world, I have met wives who have cried to me of their husbands infidelity, couples who have to go through baby mama drama but if we begin teach our sons and daughters not to engage in sex before or outside marriage by letting it start with us there will be no more infidelity in marriages, unwanted pregnancies, baby mama dramas, abortions and trust me 80% of our divorces wouldn’t even exist.

Imagine a world excluding these things, how happy would we be….. if not for the fear of God, if not for the spiritual blessings we are missing out on but for the happiness of our children and the generation after us let us begin to think about this from today. No one can love you more than God.

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